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Default Re: hi, im new to everything

Welcome to the forum!

I don't know anything about electric motors, but a little about the engines.
Engines are faster and better range than motors, but you have to buy gas + oil.
A 3-speed hub cruiser-style should work- if you're getting an engine w/ sprocket, make sure the wheel has 36 spokes to bolt the sprocket on.

There are 3 motor mounts- inside the bike frame(most popular), above the back wheel(usually friction drive with a roller on the back tire), and a push cart- the engine is on the cart with a wheel and pushes the bike- usually bigger, faster engines.

You can buy an engine/motor just by clicking on the ads on the side- try bikeberry. There are 4-stroke engines($200-$600) and two-stroke engines ($109-$230). Also, if you get a 2-stroke, you can get many performance parts like a shift kit which will work with your 3-speed hub(sickbikeparts), an expansion exhaust pipe, which adds a lot of power(sickbikeparts) and filters and stuff.
I got a 2-stroke from biketomopedkit, it works great, a bit on the basic side, $230(I coulda got a better bargain).
There are probably answers to all your questions on this forum!

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