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Hey all, its Mopedamater79's gf posting.

Mopedamater79 was so pissed off trying to get that stupid motor mounted he was ready to take it somewhere and pay someone to do i for him, so i advised him before doing that perhaps he should allow me to take my Saturday, to attempt mounting it for him (that way all it wouldn't cost him anything...well not any money that is). So i'm happy to report that after grinding the frame a little (well...a lot more then expected) and after snapping a bolt (in the motor no less) that stupid thing isn't going anywhere (even with the 1 less bolt we have now) However here is the problem now, the exhaust pipe is in the way of the peddle, the only thing i can see doing for it (that isn't going to cost us unneeded stress) is to take the bike to the garage up the street from us an ask them to bend the muffler slightly to prevent the peddle from smashing into it, which I believe to be a much better idea then what his friend did to other muffler..which involved a hammer.

Also I thought asking him to weld the one side of the bracket (the side i broke a bolt on) to the frame to prevent it from clanking around would be a good idea, that or asking him if there is anyway to get the bolt out (it snapped off clean right at point of entry so there is no way we can get it out ourselves at least not with the limited tools we have at the house).

Anyways, the reason why I'm making the post is to see if anyone has any better suggestions then what i already posted, if not I'm just going to go ahead and take it into the shop, but the way I see it, the darn thing is mounted and the problems we are facing are minor and will be easily repaired.

Thanks in advance

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