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Originally Posted by wjose View Post
Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to find a company that can sell an engine kit now, I really wanted to get the kit from Kings Bike World but they are out for four weeks. It seems everyone cannot keep up with demand, any suggestions?

Have you looked at ThatsDax? bicycle engine kit, bike engine, bicycle engine, bicycle motor

Spooky Tooth Cycles - Motorized Bicycles: Gas Powered and Electric Bikes - Home

You looking for a 4-stroke, 2-stroke? Rack mount, frame mount?

I've been thinking of making a thread with all the dealer's, listing info like price, motors, kit type's. But it would be alot of work and dont know if it will be usefull... anybody have any input on that??

If Thatsdax and Spooky not good for you Jose let me know. Also check e-bay, alot of dealers also sell there, Just stay away from revolution cycles
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