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Default Re: Worksman In-Frame Tanks

You'll be the first to see the Pirate decals so I know you'll like them.

Nashville Kat,
Good questions. The capacity was less than I expected. Cad is great for figuring that out and the tank can hold 1.17 gallons exactly. I run less than full in all my tanks. The rear width of the tank is just 2 1/2" wide which is the same width as the rear chain stays where they meet the seat post tube. The center section measures 4 3/4" and the nose is 2" wide. My Panther tanks are 4 1/2" wide and present no problem with pedaling. It is absolutely a non issue. I added a 1/4" in width (1/8" each side) on theWorksman tanks so I could go to a different cap assembly with the breather already built in. This cap also comes with the stainless bung. I add the breather on the Panther caps and it is just one more step I would rather not have to do. The tank will probably look smaller once the bike is built up. I just can't make it any narrower. Mass produced? No. Carefully hand built one at a time to gurantee your build will stand out in the crowd? Absolutely!
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