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Default Re: Reducing Vibrations at High Speeds.

Found these gloves that are made for working with a jack-hammer. They look like bicycle gloves and are fingerless but are heavily padded at the palms. Uber cool and work great but costly for gloves. Trying to buy a case of em. Just breaking in a 2 smoker for my nephews. Put it on an old steel Haro so it fit perfect to the frame. Right an' tight but the handle bars are at the same height as the seat so your leaning on your hands.

Really helped.

I had forgot how much fun the 2 smokers are! Gonna have to get me a SBP shift kit

Exavid, Tyrslider makes custom 4 stroke mounts. Ya give him 3 dimensions and he cuts it out of a block of aluminum. Purty amazing. He is my partner but don't mean to do the shameless promotion thing, just chating
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