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Default Re: Spark plug gap...Myth? Fact?

Hi.. CDI simply Means.. Capacitor Discharge Ignition. It is electronic . A capacitor is Charged, this voltage is then passed through a step up coil during discharge phase which causes a spark. A Trigger voltage is sent to a Darlington Pair of Transistors which causes this discharge Phase of the Capacitor through the coil causing spark. Two Transistors hooked emitter to base are called Darlington Pairs. Since all these Values are fixed with these 2 stroke motors, the only adjustment you have is with spark Plug gap. You can advance your timing a some by simply lowering the gap. Since these Ignition systems are not real high voltage, I am guessing only 10K volts, I am guessing here.. It may be lower... But.. Since they are not hot spark systems, a lower gap is better. I usually run no larger than 15 thousands on my gap. 12 is good too. This will advance timing a little, and provide a more consistent spark for these little 2 strokes. And..Since these new oils are so good, there is little or no fouling. Mix 32:1 and use a quality 2 stroke oil such as Valvoline. Enjoy the ride...
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