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Default Re: I already posted 2 questions at legal but heres my intro

High,its me again, sorry to bother u but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waht does Legal mean???
is that like aaaaa the law legal type justice department,something like that maybe,or what???????.......anyway welcome again, and I am really lovin my Bridgestone Titan,Island Hopper American Chain Drive My Christeeeeeeneeeeee brought me home tonight again and is now doing that consistently.

It is a knowm fact that thease little 2cycle motors don't last more then a year and thats because of the HEAVY LOAD on your main bearings and crankshaft.

HOWEVER....THEY ALSO SAY that with PROPER CARE and MAINTAINENCE aaaaaand PEDAL ASSISTENCE that they will last longer ....;this means that YOU HAVE TO HELP THESE THINGS help them and man o man!; will they will HELP YOU!

This the second winter my Island Hopper TUUUFFFF little 35cc is gettin me through ,and I AM VERY VERY IMPREST I am spreaking mainly about the motor.

HOME DEPOT< HOMEDEPOT HOME DEPOT HOME DEPOT special thanks to them for great assistene where I bought my gass line and shutt off valves everthing is running greart with out any leak!!!!! aaaaaaanddd IIIII aaaam HAPPY!!!!
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