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Default Re: spark plug oil leak

Yes, there is a compression washer on it, but oil is definitely getting by it. And it looks and feels like the plug is completely seated. As for compression loss, I really can't tell. The motor is still in the breakin stage, so I've been attributing the lack of power to that. It runs pretty crappy for the first few minutes, then gets better as it warms up. I get about 2/3 - 3/4 throttle ok, but it loses power at full throttle. I have to back the throttle off to get back in the power band. Plug looks good, running 30:1 synthetic. I've just been figuring it still needs to be broken in. I did notice the head was leaking as well, but I fixed that. Had to put a couple washers on the studs so it would tighten down. Still trying to work out the bugs
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