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Default Snapped All Thread Mounting Bolt

Well, crap.

I waited 1 week to get replacement gaskets in the mail. I received them today, put them on, and took the bike for a spin. Now it ran smooth as ever, until...


At first, I thought it just wiggled loose and fell out, so I drove around looking for it and I got lucky and found the bolt/nut part. That's when I noticed it wasn't complete. The rest of it was still in the motor casing! Talk about bad luck! Luckily for me, after removing the rear mounting spacer, the broken part was sticking out about 3mm and I was able to use needle nose plyers to twist it out. Now I have the job of replacing it...

It's metric M6 and roughly 8 cm long.

Anyone know where I might get replacements? Besides online? Lowe's doesn't carry metric all threads, neither does O'Reilly Auto Parts. I'll try Fastenels Monday.

I pulled all mounting bolts. I noticed one of the shorter front bolts was a bit bent, so I'll replace it as well. What do you folks thing about thread locking on those mounting bolts? Will it withstand the heat, or is it not a good idea in the first place?
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