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Default Re: how to make a cheap layback seatpost.

OK< FOr anyone interested. Get a holiday popcorn tin. You know, the big ones that are about the size of a 5 gallon bucket. (garage sale for $.50) Get a clay flower pot smaller than the diameter of the tin. (10" usually works best) Get a bag of Portland Cement for Lowes or Home Depot or wherever. Get a squirrel cage blower or an old hair dryer. Get a 1 1/2" diameter galvanized steel pipe about 18" long.
Longer if fine. CUt a hole in the tin the same diameter as the pipe, and you cut the hole at a place where it will be near the bottom of the flower pot, assuming the flower pot rim will be level with the rim of the tin. Bung the hole up and mix the cement. Pour the cement in the tin to about 1/3 full. Push the flower pot down into the tin until it is level with the tin. Hopefully some cement has overflowed. If not, add more cement. Put a heavy weight on the top to keep the flower pot form floating out. After about 6-8 hours, remove the bung and scrape out the cement in the hole you made earlier. Do this until you completely see the flower pot through the hole. Let this sit for about two weeks. It has to cure. After two weeks, smash through the hole and put in your blower pipe. Add air source, charcoal and you now have a charcoal blast furnace. If you are really cheap, you can use soup cans as a crucible, but they will only work for one melt. I've been doing it for years. Sometimes I cast stuff. Sometimes I pour the aluminum down ant holes. Very neat sculptures. I hope to cast personalized heads, but I dont have a lathe. Maybe some day. There's more to it than what I wrote, but that gets you the main points. Jim

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That sounds awesome Jim! Please do post. Love this about this crazy. Always some thing to learn an' some one sharing "How to"

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