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Default Fuel additives and H2O injection

I asked these questions on my first post under introduce yourself but I think they will get more response in the GD Forum.

Can these engines use higher octane fuel for increases power? What does 100 octane do to these motors? Blow them up from knock? I'm guessing that the octane boost doesn't do much for a naturally aspirated motor? Zylene is a good additive for raising octane but I've only used it in a turbo V6 application.

Has anyone tried either alcohol or water injection? Here's a link if someone can relate their experience or expertise to the subject. H20 injection can produce more HP at cooler temps and increase fuel mileage, believe it or not!

Mother Earth Alcohol Fuel: Ron Novak's Do-It-Yourself Water Injection System

Will the h2o injection system above work with the carbs used on these tiny 2-strokes?

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