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Default Re: Which paints do you use?

Montana makes over 200 colors in about 5 different mixtures and valve types(high to low pressure). Generally "Aerosol Art" is mentioned as graffiti, but they are mistakenly interchanged (I do it myself). I mainly think of graffiti as gang tags or childish scribble.
I personally do not go out into the city to "get my name up" but do find some of the better "graffiti" very interesting.
I studied for 4 years and graduated with a BA ins Art studio, so I kind of stay out of situations that might look bad on my record. Besides its always someone else's property they are doing it on. I have done many commission pieces as well as for free, just to "get my name up". My avatar was commissioned by the art supply store that sold Montana here in Charlotte. But I'm always legal and the benefits are that it advertises for the customer and for myself. I also used to have a wall 50' long by 8' feet high to practice and hang canvas on to sell later, it was always a cool thing to have for our parties, very interactive.
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