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Default Re: how to make a cheap layback seatpost.

Why not plug the ends and pour some melted aluminum in it. You would not need more than about a pint or less. I use a homemade furnace and charcoal as the fuel. Probably would take less than an hour from scratch to get up to temp an do the pour. Let it cool slowly, to get a good hardness and not too brittle. If anyone wants plans on the furnace, I can send you something.

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
2 Funny Baird.

I am defiantly gonna try this. After ridding one time with a bent seat post, I just don't enjoy motorized bicycle riding with out them. (thanks again Tom!) They make a world of difference.

Just think of the rider who is 5 foot 13" tall and depending on their motorized bicycle as thier only wheels and making minimum wage. Bet they are loving this idea. I wonder if simply filling it with sand would shore it up for plus sized riders.
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