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Default Re: what do i do with my new hobby

2door, I'm trying to think of the best way to answer that. If I stumble over some words, forgive me.

Sometimes it's easy for me to lose sight of the fact that other people's lives circulate in streams that are different from mine. Me, I work on computers, I'm on the computer all the time, a huge proportion of my interaction with other human beings happens via keyboard. I'm very comfortable online.

So I engage in conversation online. But in my clearest of minds, I know that not everyone does. The internet is a tool that different people use differently. Some people use it to get information they can use, and then put the tool down to use that information, in whatever other stream their lives are rushing around in.

Luckily, I also like thinking things through. So when someone poses a question (even a philosophical one like you've just asked), I appreciate the opportunity to think through it, and that thinking is more satisfying for me when I write it down. I get to have the satisfaction of figuring things out; the asker gets the satisfaction of having their question answered.

Would it be even better for me if the asker came back around and talked to me? Sure. But it might not be better for them. If they come back, great and thanks! If not, that's also great - in this context because they've been able to gain knowledge from this community. A community that distributes knowledge without condition or grudge is a good one, I think.
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