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Default Re: What kind of reaction do you get?

Originally Posted by Motorbike Wanabe View Post
There are a couple of folks who ride around here and they're all pretty courteous. We went for a ride over in St. Pete and they had an organized ride for the spandex crowd. We got some looks riding through the parking lot but, for the most part, it was fine. Hard to believe that someone would throw a water bottle at you!

Now, for some REAL fun, mosey up next to a guy on one of those cruiser motorcycles. You know, the guy with the belt-driven motorcycle and a chain-driven wallet. I slide up next to them at red lights and just kind of "Nice bike" type of stuff with them. They'll run a redlight to get away from you sometimes!
It seems like the guys I see on motorcycles are much more approving and admiring of the motorized bicycle that the spandex (or GREEN) crowd. They get especially irritated if they are working their butts off pedaling...either to go uphill, or hammering downhill. I once passed a couple who were riding their mountain bikes...pretty fast too...for mountain bikes...they were doing about 20 mph. At first I just stayed back behind them a bit, but then I decided to pass them and pull away. My bike cruises between 30 - 35 mph and I've topped out a little over 40. Not many cyclists can maintain that speed. I don't know if they were irritated...they didn't say anything. My bike is so well disguised that when I'm on the bike path portion of my trip home from work (about 2 miles...ALL pedaling, engine off), they all wave to me as I pass by. I haven't had any unpleasant exchanges with anyone yet....

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