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Default Re: what do i do with my new hobby

First - if you have the kill switch connected, disconnect it. Black-black, blue-blue on the CDI, and make sure the white wire isn't connected to anything or grounding out.

If that doesn't help:

Take the bowl off the carb and check the float. Make sure the needle valve is clean. Use 24:1, and you might have so much gas in the crankcase now that it's flooded. Turn the engine over a bunch of times with the plug out to blow that fuel out of the cylinder before you try it again. Start with the choke lever on (up), and keep pedaling while the motor is turning, faster, faster. It might take a little bit to kick over.

Which makes me wonder ... if the clutch is not adjusted properly, it won't turn the motor over. But no, you said the plug is wet, so the motor is turning. Clutch is fine.
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