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Default Re: Bicycle trailer link

Originally Posted by civlized View Post
I like the one you posted. I have been looking for design ideas for something to build for hauling my dog. 180lb English Mastiff. The normal trailer won't do. Thanks!
Mastiffs are great! Good hearted critters.

Another build I have yet to get around to is a trailer that has a regular ball/tung hitch. Make a bracket that attaches over the rear wheel of the bike and use 2 hand truck or go kart wheels. The trailer would stay pretty much up right. So it would keep the beer, er Puppy from getting jostled and could corner, pitch and roll. Think it would require a center kick stand though.

LOL Civl, just realized your dog weighs 5 LBS more then me! Should build a trailer for him to pull you, snork
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