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Default Re: How do I get rid my my MB

Hang in there smokin'. Look at things like I'm trying to... You will get better at stuff as time goes on and fixing things won't be that big of a deal. I'm new to this stuff. Don't even have mine running yet (waiting on muffler), but I know that I will have to run into the same kind of problems that everyone else has. I intend to "baby" this motorized bicycle to death. No hot roding or anything. I have this huge fear of having to work too much on the bike. I am not mechanically inclined and will have to learn everything from the ground floor up. But every time you learn something you get better at the whole thing. I have to look at it that way otherwise I would go nuts.

Just hang in there man. Just think of the joy of riding and how the little things you have to learn along the way are worth it. The more you learn, the less will happen. I'm even worried about riding my bike because I think; "oh no... I put this thing together!" (well with some help).

Try to stay on the positive side and when I get frustrated you can throw this up in my face and tell me the same thing . We who are not mechanically inclined need to stick together! Hang in there man!

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