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Welcome Wood,
We're glad you've joined us. Let's look at your questions:
1.Gearing. The drive ratio is determined by rear wheel sprocket size. The larger the sprocket (tooth count/diameter) the lower the rear gear ration. If you live in a hilly area you might want to stay with the middle of the road sizes such as a 44 to 48T. If you're looking for a better top speed on flat ground, go smaller; 41 to a 36T sprocket.
There are available so called, 'shift kits' which allow use of the bicycle rear gears through a jack shaft and a chain ring free wheel on the pedals.
2. Pipes and mufflers/extensions. Extending the pipe will not harm your engine but could rob a little power. A two stoke engine requires a certain degree of back pressure from the exhaust to function properly which is why we never recommend running an open exhaust system. Open or unrestricted exhaust can cause a lean condition which would be detrimental to the engine. Loud exhaust also can upset your neighbors and is not good for the hobby. Tuned exhaust, or expansion chambers help in the low and mid range power band but can be a little noisier than the kit supplied muffler. Many of us, me included have fabricated extensions which place the muffler aft of the rider and keeps exhaust and oil vapor from staining your pants and shoes.
Hope this helps a little and keep us informed on your build. We're always here to help when we can and you'll get several replies so keep reading.
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