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Default Re: full throttle?

Originally Posted by Howitt View Post
Is it damaging to ride a motorized bike with an 80cc happy time motor at full throttle for a long time? I will be using my motorized bike to travel 24km to work and would like to try and get there as fast as I can.
Well balanced, well breathing 2-stroke gas ICE's do best in their powerband. Sometimes that isn't always full throttle.

Tell me more about the bike. But from the start I would say you need more power to the ground and merely suggest the following:

1) General tune, right oil mix, good spark plug and wire.
2) Port and polish the intake and exhaust.
3) Install an expansion chamber.
4) Get a shifter kit and take advantage of gears if you can.

I can do 40 mph in 4th gear and have yet to explore 5th and 6th.
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