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Default Re: Need advice on "front brake hub"

Like I said, I've not used them but, I've always thought that either they would be a real bear to install on a clincher type of rim or, they'd have to have some room to get the tire seated properly. Either way, I like the room provided by a deflated tube and the constant, integral pressure provided by an inflated one. I just tried a tube with goo in it for the first time and, oddly enough, it's the first tube that I've had a problem with and it hasn't even made it to the bike yet! I have to check it out yet to see if it's at the valve or somewhere else. I didn't use any tools to install the tire and if it's got a hole already and oozed that goop onto my new wheel, I'm going back to a good ol' high quality, air-only inner tube, just like God intended for a bike!
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