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Default hi, im new to everything

So like my title implies, i am new to this forum, new to mechanics, new to engines, but i am used to bikes.
First off i am only 17, with a limeted knowledge of motors, and motorbikes.
I honestly would rather rebuild a car , but don't have enough money, which is why i am choosing to build a bike.

I am from california, so i can't legally drive a gas powered bike with out a motorcycle license, so i am leaning towards an electric bike. I have learned from the short time being on this site that there is a friction drive bike, can someone please explain how this works? Obviously it used friction from the motor to propel the bike.

Other Questions:
Can i use my cruiser, it is a three speed?
What kind of an Electric motor?
How do You Mount a motor?
What is the cost?
Where can i buy one?
Do you charge an electric motor through an outlet, are the motors DC or AC?

Can a knoweledgable membrer, help guide me? I might have broken rules by asking all of these questions. So can you tell me also how this forum works, and where to find answers to my questions
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