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Default Pedal or pull cord start

Is there any way to pedal start my engine with clutch engaged from a stop? I have seen some youtube video where the guy lifts his back wheel and gives his pedal a good push and the engine fires right up. I have tried it a few times and got it to fire but the other times there is just too much compression where I can't even move my pedals. I broke the bolt off of the clutch arm and had to cut the clutch cable to get it off my clutch arm. The clutch arm is worthless now that I tried to use an easy out to remove the broken bolt and destroyed the threads in the clutch arm as a result. So until I can get a new clutch cable and clutch arm, I can't go anywhere with my bike. I have a 70 cc engine. Or is there any way to rig up a pull cord to turn the engine over. I will still need a way to engage/disengage my clutch for both situations. Any suggestions?


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