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Default Re: Give me a reason not to use Locktite on this

I don't have Loctite stock, but, all joking aside, it is a lifesaver, especially in apps like this where there is a lot of vibration, and things coming loose can be a disaster. In the old days, Loctite was Loctite, and it really worked, as in, broken screwheads when you tried to take it out. But it has come a long way, and now comes in several grades of 'tite.' I'm partial to the blue color for most things.

If anyone reading is not familiar, don't just start slathering on anything that says Loctite. The most common grades you find in local stores are blue, red, and green. Blue is medium, and it perfroms similar to a nylon lock nut, so you can undo it just with more resistance. Red is tough, and I would not put in on anything you want to take apart soon or often; applied as directed to clean steel, it can require a heat torch to break loose. Stay away from the super strong green. It is intended for things you may NEVER want to take apart, and I have seen, especially on smaller size bolts, the need to drill out and retap. Medium blue should handle anything needed on a China bike motor.

Also know that Loctite is a company, and hey make things that have nothing to do with tite, lke, anti-seize, for places like auto exhause manifold studs, which is the opposite of what you need to keep it tight.

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