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Originally Posted by Brent436 View Post
Another quick question: if i take the throttle cale part of the carb out (with the plunger thing out) and turn the motor over, is fuel supposed to come out of the hole looking straight down into the carb? From what i understand thats where the fuel comes out of and none is coming out on my motor.
Yes, that's where the fuel comes out, but if you're looking down the open top, you probably won't see any fuel coming out anyway, because of the air getting pulled down the top of the carb. Best way to see if you have fuel is to turn it over a few times and pull the plug. If it's not starting, the plug will be wet.

You can check to see that fuel is getting into the bowl by opening the drain screw on the bowl. If fuel comes out - there's fuel in there!

If you have fuel in the bowl, but a dry plug, you probably need to adjust the float height, so that the float rides a little higher in the bowl before it closes the needle valve. There's a little piece of metal with a couple of arms on it; bend those arms up just a bit, and the float will rise higher before closing the fuel inlet. While you have it out, make sure the float isn't cracked. If there's fuel in it, you need another one.

From the sound of it, with sputtering like that but not running, I'm putting my money on float height.

Oh, one last thing - make sure you're running between 24:1 and 32:1 for your fuel/oil mix. 16:1 in the instructions is too oily. If your plug is wet, this might be your problem.
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