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Smile Re: The Aussie Vetran

Thanks Guys! I'm fairly new to all of this forum stuff so I might need your advice to organise my postings.

These bikes are becoming really popular in Australia. There are a couple dozen in Byron Bay my home town of 5000 people so you notice them everywhere. Most of em are coughing and limping along like sick puppies cos people don't degrease their mufflers and run em too rich.

This site: is the main importer.

Incidently on degreasing/carbonising mufflers: The best I have come up with is to pour granules of drain cleaner into it and then hit it with boiling water! Be very careful and do it outdoors cos the reaction fizzes off. But the carbon will just fall away. A decent hospitality grade grill cleaner is 2nd best.

Regular decarbonising is the key, a constipated engine is not a happy engine!
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