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Back again guys,

Thanks for your help but it still doesnt run. The carb is all sealed up now. I tried starting it this morning but it still wouldnt start. i opened the carb up and the black c-clip was at the third notch from the top. I've read in other threads that the best setting is second from the top so i moved it there. Tried to start it after that and it fired once. After a little while of still trying to start it, it fired once more. Since then I havnt been able to get it to fire. I'm in Massachusetts right now so its cold but its above freezing so i figure it should be able to run. Does anyone have a recommendation to where the idle screw should be set at? I've tried 4 1/2 turns out like the manual recommends and I've tried 3 turns out like other people on other threads have recommended. I'm gonna try some starting fluid now. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks for the help,

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