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Default Re: PVC gas tank question. Please help

I just re-read atombikes question about how to make the pvc tank and I realized I could do a better job of answering that so here goes...

Yes figure out what capacity you want and use the size of tubing acording to desired capacity. Probably 3-4 inch would be good.

Then you need to make three holes in the tube. One for vent, one for fuel line to carb. and a bigger one for the filler cap. The tubing is thick enough that you can use a tap to thread the holes. You would only need to tap and thread the vent line hole and fuel line hole. You can thread brass fittings in those two holes for the vent hose and fuel hose. I plan to use jb weld or something on the threads to help seal it since there wont' be a whole lot of threads due to the thickness of the pipe.

Next you need to make the filler cap. I would cut a hole with a dremmel tool in the main pipe and glue a smaller diameter pipe for a neck (maybe 1" pipe) then you can put a threaded fitting on that pipe and use a threaded PVC cap for the gas cap.

Finally gule on the two caps at either end of the main tube to seal off the tank.

As for the vent line there are a couple of ways to keep gas from leaking out of it. One is a check valve which is a little plastic piece like a one way valve that lets air in the tank but won't let the gas out. You can buy this at a lawn mower shop. Or some people put a fuel filter in the vent line and the gas is absorbed by the filter and goes back in the tank.

Hope this helps.
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