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Default Re: build off (spring)

Just a thought, the desire for multiple teams with at least two people each may be awkward with the proposed rule allowing only heavily modified frames & tanks. Not only are there participation issues regarding that many people working "together" but you could be narrowing down the field further by necessitating welding equipment, the skill to use it, and the willingness to chop up a bike. Throw in the proposed time limit and you're left with precious few people meeting the criteria.

If you really want lots of people in on this - chuck the "teamwork" idea as it's... cumbersome given the forum environment and perhaps allow unmodified frames - even just requiring paint & modded engines? While choppers are ofc ossum - few people make them themselves, this in part was a reason for the last build off's fewer participants.

So - my thought was (if numbers of contestants & time are the priorities) given the brouhaha of late regarding heavily modded engines - focus the build off around that, with secondary focus on appearance, custom paint & accessories etc. This goes well with the fact that we did just have a chopper build off and a vintage build off... it seems only natural to have an engine build off next.

Bikes could be judged by both appearance and confirmed speed (vid of chase car's speedo) - this way even a marginally slower bike could still win with the extra attention to detailing (there's too many variables to judge by speed alone). The vid of a confirmed top speed would clearly narrow down the bikes to the top three placements, a poll on appearance would dictate the winner - anyone unable or unwilling to provide substation of speed claims would be disqualified.

This is just a suggestion BTW, it's yer game - I jus' thought it'd not only be able to involve far more people as everyone loves to mod engines - but it'd be a great "proving ground" for those modifications as well as providing a build off we've not had yet *shrug*

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