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Default Re: Yet another white wire question

All good info. I found it doesn't take a lot to kill the engine especially when idling up to a stop light. An option to consider: on the web and ebay there are 6v 2.5w halogen bulbs available from the UK. They are not magic, nor put out like 20w, but they are a lot brighter for the watts than a regular flashlight bulb, and you can use them in traditional headlight assemblies that focus better than most LEDs. I spent a lot of time messing with different ideas, chargers, etc, and finally settled on dual headlights. One is a 70LED on AA bats, and one is a halogen bulb off the white wire. I never hit on a single light that was dependable enough so now I have redundancy. An extra set of AAs charging at home, and swap out every few days.

I agree, if someone invent a really bright dependable self-contained light system that would be powered by the white wire, well, they'd have some sales!

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