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Default Re: Free wheel solid axle

Ok, I bought a kit that had this in it. There is a two-fold problem with mine.
1. When putting the freewheel bearing on the axle, it requires a spacer - else it will tighten up against the spokes (which will cause breakage). I don't know what I am going to use as a spacer for mine yet - I think I am going to find a pipe with a large enough inner diameter to clear the axel and cut it to act like a washer.

2. I can't install my old gear casset. The threading on this axle does not match. I am off to Bicas here in town to see if they have one lying around that will fit it.

I have had my kit for a few months now, and haven't fired it up just because of this. blah.

Ok, so, as it turns out, the old hub I switched out had a non-standard casset in it. I just went down to the local bike shop and sifted through a bins and found one that works well for me. as for the spacer, I made some myself from old CDROMs I dremilled out to the size washer i needed. good luck!

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