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Default Re: Good Kit for a Beginner?

Originally Posted by hojo70 View Post
Dude, it sounds like you are mechanically challenged, maybe this isnt for you. Either that or you bought a lemon. Or both.

I received a Power Kings 80cc (my first motorized bicycle ever) and have put over 250 miles on it with no breakdowns or problems. These engines appear to be pretty reliable if you bought a good one to start with, and they just GO. My only complaint is the noise level, but not much I can do about that 'cept wear ear plugs.

You are completely right! I am mechanically challanged. I guess that is where I get my self into a lot of precarious situations. I should have listened to my
dad when he said that I should have taken some shop classes instead of art classes! And to think that those art classes would have gotten me somewhere... WRONG! I have decided to take a few days off of working on the bike and I am going to find a complete set of replacement bolts and nuts of a higher quality. I think if I do that, it will cut down on the number of issues that I am having. Kinda strange how cleaning locker rooms and toilets will calm a guy down! (overnight part time job)


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