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Hey everyone,

I recently put a Grubee 48cc motor on my bike. I've had some problems so I came looking for some help. I graduated top of my automotive class in tech school and have a lot of experience with engines. I'm kind of embarrassed that I have to come asking for help but I just can't seem to get the motor running.

The first time I tried to start it the motor took a while to start up. When it finally started it ran real rough and i would have to keep hitting the throttle to keep it running. While it was running it seemed to backfire a lot. After that I stopped the engine and couldnt get it started again. I Have spark and its getting gas. I have sealed the carb and am waiting for the RTV to cure to try it again. Any suggestions to what else could be the problem would be appreciated. Once I'm considered an active member I will post this in the troubleshooting section. Thanks for all your help.

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