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Default Re: BAD Vibrationat 30+?

Cruising up a slight hill is zero vibration. Going down hill is crazy vibration, of course, I'm going faster. I have reached top speed before and it does not smooth out the vibration just gets to a higher frequency. So, this is how it runs. BTW, it's done this from day one. It has not gotten any worse or any better.

under 15 uphill=perfect
under 15 flat=ok
under 15 downhil=ok
around 15 uphill=fine
over 15 flat=not really rideable
over 15 downhill= crazy scary
top speed=crazy scary
They call these Power Assisted Bikes....Wait, who's assisting who? Last time I checked, I spend twice as much time in the garage working on it than I do riding it! Vista Out.

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