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Default Re: BAD Vibrationat 30+?

Originally Posted by Vistaman73 View Post
Hey Jim, I have one question, is it safe to ride with the crank like that? Will it destroy the engine? Tell me what you reccomend.
The likelyhood that you'll get hurt is slim...The engine will let you know when it's done! If the crank is bent, the rest of the engine will not last long.

I forgot to ask...what is the top speed you have been able to reach?

Have you stopped accelerating at 15mph because of the vibration, or have you tried running through it by going faster?

The reason I ask, is that I did have a few that vibrated pretty good at around 15mph, (Not like the bad crank ones though), and would then smooth out again at around 25-28.

Just in-case you haven't tried pushing it beyond that initial vibration: try it, you might be surprised.

That's really how you can tell if it's the crank or not...If it vibrates bad at 15, and keeps getting worse the faster you's the crank!


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