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Default Re: BAD Vibrationat 30+?

Originally Posted by kornbread View Post
well i checked everything on my bike and motor and found nothing.mine is a new build and everything is in order.I have a 6 month warranty,should i contact zone8 and let them know about the problem and see about replacing the engine?
First things first...Let's back up a minute and look at the total picture.

What bike are you using? 20", 24", 26" Do you have pics?

What size rear sprocket are you using?

What fuel to oil ratio are you currently running?

Have you looked at the plug after a run?

Vibration can be caused by a number of me, it will be better to exhaust all possibilities before going the warranty route. You've already got it built...if it's a minor problem, you don't want to go through all that hassle for nothing.

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