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Default Re: BAD Vibrationat 30+?

Originally Posted by Vistaman73 View Post
kornbread, consider yourself lucky. I was one of the few who recieves not only a dud, but a really bad dud. anything over 15mph is unbarable. my crank must be out of kilter. i have no tools to fix it or the time or the knowledge. If anyone wants to balance my engine send me a PM with pricing. thanks

Feb 09 I bought kits from nearly every supplier. 2 were exactly as you describe. The vibration was so bad that the bike was not rideable.

I took them apart and found that the holes for the con-rod, (big-end), pin had been drilled out of square to the face of the crank. This essentially mimics a bent crank condition. There is no fixing it, or balancing it. You'll need a new crank, or a new engine.

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