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hola! great site! i re-build/kustomize kroozers and novelty type bicycles. its a hobby. i also build/ride gravity bikes and streetluges. I skate/lonbgoard. I'm planning to build a zoobomb style chain-less mini this summer to roll down the parking garages downtown. i have a show bike under contruction and a 'goofy' coaster trike made for drifting. anyoo....

i'm planning to purchase a two stroke motor to mount to a bike i have this summer. it is a sturdy old cantilever frame. it has an old clevelend welding springer fork with a road/wheel tire, bent seat post, awesome big comfy sprung seat w/flames, big ol beach cruiser bars on the front, road bike stem w/ decline and short reach, it'll look totally old school! i also have a set of rear blinkers and a generator/light rig for the bike. i have a cool 'lid' style helmet w/ flames but i still gotta get a pair of those goggles i see in the old pix!

here's some questions - the rear wheel i havent decided on cuz i wanted to ask around a bit first. i have a 3 speed internally geared free wheel hub i'd like to use if it's possible. is that a good or bad idea? i have a question about coaster brake hubs, if a 2 stroke motor backfires will it throw me over the bars if i have a coaster brake hub on the back? there is no where to mount brakes to the clevelend welding forks and i dont wanna weld on 'em, would 2 v-brakes on the back be enough stopping power? how fast will a 2 stroke motor take a 200 lb me with back pack?
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