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Default Re: What does your wife/gf think of your bike(s)?

Originally Posted by Russell View Post
1. you waste to much time in the shop, come and watch tv with me!
2. your going out riding that thing again! come and watch tv with me!
3. How much did you spend on that thing? Turn off the laptop and watch tv!

She is cool but she would be very happy if we were joined at the hip!
Riding up to the house she said to the neigbor " He's a nut but he is my nut"(still not sure how I feel about that).
She doesn't ride due to health issues, but I built a 3 wheel elecrtic and will get her on it this spring.
I took this picture of her on my bike and use ti as backgroun on my computer(won't admit it but she likes that).
Had the same picture put on a tee shirt (says that she dosen't like it but points it out when I wear it)
Good luck, Rus.
I hope she likes the electric trike. Keep us posted and thanks for sharing that photo. Tell her for us that she looks great on that bike and the leather jacket goes good.
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