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Default Re: most compact folding motorised bicycle?

fireballs! thanks for the rename (i like )

Sorry for the delay, my shedule is none stop.

Those bike will be quite cumbersom relative to the brompton. Not sure where you are but if your need a bike shop and can see in real like the bromprton vs any other 20 folder you will be surprised.

no problem thanks for the heads up.

If your asking regarding that bike

On my bike there is no battries (just to clarify) (but on those if they look as cheap as i think they will be SLA and 36 10ah rough gues just by looking probably 13-14 kg,) range is probably 10miles on the sla, on the electric folder i had i didnt need to pedal below 15mph, but i and most other riders spend there time above that so the motor is redunadant unless hill climbing. the amount of human imput is depends on terrain. hill yes flats no basically ,

Hope that helps,

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