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Default Re: What does your wife/gf think of your bike(s)?

My wife is mostly concerned about safety of going so fast on a pedal bike. I told her I routinely hit up to 30 on the bike before the engine so I don't think it's to bad, yeah it'll hurt if you go down at anything over 10 mph, shoot I got scraped up going 5 or less when my handlebars got tangled up in some bridge girders passing some folks....

She is ok with me trying to save $ on gas so it's cool and since I'm going to be using it strictly for commuting, setting up the bike for that is a no brainer. All in all she's ok with it all. I've been riding minibikes and motorcycles for 40+ yrs so it's not new to me and I do have decent gear. I'd prefer a 4 stroke but can't see spending the extra dosh until I wear this engine out since the cost per mile is only about 50 cents more/gal.

Ride on!
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