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Default Re: My first motorized bike attempt...5 or 6 HP LOL

Great work. I'd have to see it really go 50 mph but anything's possible. Ever get that throttle hooked up? The Briggs is a great, strong, reliable engine, much more so than the Chinese engines. If you go the clone route, I love a frame mount and it balances out the best, but chain alignment problems are a drawback and you have to alter the pedals to avoid hitting the engine. Dax's rack mount (Titan) appears to cure the chain problem since it adjusts up and down and no idler is needed. The main problem with the Chinese 4 stroke kits is the highly defective gearbox. There are 2 gearboxes out there and one of them will last about a mile. Don't know about the other one since I can't find one for sale. Dax's rack mount doesn't use those gearboxes. If I was in your shoes, I'd just use your Briggs setup and put it on a full size bike. No need to buy a kit. How'd you get the sprocket center hole perfectly centered when welding to the wheel?
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