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Default Re: Poll: Paper Instructions or CD?

Originally Posted by Pablo View Post
Just getting a feel from this vocal crowd. With the jackshaft bolt on sprocket elimination kit (JBOSEK), Would you like a printed paper tree killer manual or a CD .pdf (which could print if you like).

Trying to do a poll.

Other (specify):

I'd just put the manual or instructions online in regular html with pics and text. That way, updates or corrections are super simple and the site's always there. With paper, once it's printed, that's it. PDF format would be pointless. It would require the user download Adobe Reader and opens up a whole new world of problems if they are unfamiliar with pdf, even though it's the most widely used document format in the world. Same with a CD. You'll get a steady stream of "the disc won't work!" or "how do I run the disc" complaints or it gets scratched or smudged. One last thing. If I put the manual online, I'd be sure to put BIG pics. I was just viewing dax's Titan installation and once again, it's mostly thumbnails on the critical steps. All you see is one big clusterflop of parts and have to really focus hard to pick out the part in question or a washer or nut or bolt placement or the torsion strap. And there are no arrows pointing to the part or anything. These things are super simple to correct and if you do it right the first time, you'll really cut down on email inquiries. A picture is worth a thousand words, at least if the picture is big enough.
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