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Default Re: What kind of reaction do you get?

there's a lot of them around here, and we have bike trails and lanes everywhere near the beach. to me, they're like teenagers in high school. when they're alone, they give me the thumbs up, even talk to me about my bike at stops.

but in groups, they're out to get me. never got hit with a water bottle, but there's nothing like sitting at a light and watching 20 guys who timed it better go flying passed you, flipping you off, and shouting "get out of the bike lane!"

it's great blowing passed them while yelling "on your left!..."

actually, now, i think i get more respect from them, because i'm faster. i can keep up with traffic at 45mph, so i don't use the bike lane unless i'm on PCH or somewhere that cars are going faster than me.

another thing, is i use Opti2 so my bike's not smoking and stinking up the bike lane.

one thing that gets me, is bicyclist have to follow the same rules of the road as cars. 90 percent of them would be arrested for reckless driving, or road rage (in fairracings case) or aggressive driving, racing...

not to mention the numerous laws they break, such as not stopping at lights and signs, etc.

do anything like that in a car, and they'd go straight to jail, or rack up tickets like crazy.

but i guess you buy priveledge with your 15,000 dollar bike.
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