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Default Re: What do you think? Shift kit or new sprocket?

Originally Posted by Ghost0 View Post
Just to clarify what Max said, it is a different starting technique but the bike can be pedaled normally and started or have the engine shut off at any time. It simply is not quite as easy to start the engine. You cannot use the momentum of your forward motion to assist in turning the engine over. You just have to pedal to start the engine which can be done at anytime, up hill, down hill or whenever.

Yea, what he said. Bump start not possible. Once motor is warmed up a quick pedal start is no problem. However, I still have to stand up on my pedal to get the motor to "kick over". My motor usually dies on me cause I forget to pull the clutch in at stop lights and stop

For long downhill coasts on a bike without a shift kit it's suggested that you pull in the clutch. With a shift kit this isn't necessary. Neither is it necessary to pull in the clutch to change gears, just back off the throttle a bit. Sometimes I forget that a clutch is necessary at all...thus...the motor dying at stop signs.
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