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Default Re: Yet another white wire question

The engine kits coming out lately seem to have the magneto coil wound with either the wrong size wire or not enough wire on the winding. The ohms reading may be good but if its wound with 28 gauge wire instead of 26 gauge wire they will not idle very well if at all.

Same with the magnet rotor they do not have as much magnet strength even with a known good magnet coil if the rotor is weak the darn light will kill the engine when at lower rpm.

So there is a double trouble with trying to use the white wire if you get an engine with one or the other problem. The last 2 engine I bought are crumby I've changed coils rewound coils, change out rotors until I could get them to work.

I've been checking out getting a magnet charger not having a lot of luck. I found one at an engine shop but even though they don't use it they will not sell it. I'm hoping I can get them to try recharging one of the weak magnet rotors to see if that will help with getting the light to work correctly like on the older bikes I have.

I know a guy here in Texas who might try to charge one for me so I'll have to mail him one or talk to the shop here that has one and not using it anymore. They don't have it wired up any more so it will need some work to get it going.

I've also looked into building a magnet charger the wire price is gulp around $200.00. A factory made charger is over $600.00
Most shops that recharge magnets charge $50.00 I should add that includes the magneto rebuild so just a magnet recharge should be considerably less.. I still don't know if it can be done to these magnet rotors.

If you want to try a light bulb just to see if your system will work with a light find a 3 to 6 volt bulb for a flashlight if it lights the bulb and doesn't kill the engine then you have one of the better magnet coils and magnet rotors. The bulb will work for a while but they soon burn out.
Do check your bike magneto white wire out put with the simple bulb test before you decide to buy a light from me it can save you and me some headaches. I hope the rewinding and a recharge of the rotor will make any china engines ignition system work for running lights.

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