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Newby biker here. They call me Greasy Tom around these parts. That's because all my vehicles run on used restaurant grease...that is until I discovered these cool Chinese bike engines while surfing the net.
My kit arrived this evening and in about a half hour I had the engine, carb, & exhaust bolted up to my $12.50 Goodwill mountain bike. While waiting for the kit to arrive I've been gleaning tons of great info regarding a successful install. Thanks to all for the great info. I expect to be cruising tomorrow if I finish my grease "gathering" route in time.
Anyone interested in driving on free (almost) fuel in your diesel car/truck, check out the "greasecar" sites. It really works. I'm on my 6th year and over 100,000 miles driving on waste vegetable oil from behind restaurants. My Dodge has a 200 gallon capacity and can travel over 4000 miles without refueling....really. The exhaust smells like french fries and it is much better for the atmosphere than petro-diesel.
Anyhow, I just wanted to thank all for the good tips and information that will surely help get this old guy cruising on two wheels.
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