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Default Re: Is $300 too much for a MB?

The same people that whine about the very fair price of $300 most likely squeeze their employees paychecks whine about immigrant workers stealin jobs they would never stoop so low as to do and probably wipe their arse backwards too. I would never insult anyone even if their price was outrageous I just walk on by till I find what I believe is a fair price. $300 is a very fair price for any MB. It takes at least 100 miles of not so fun riding to tweak these beasts and break in the engine...make sure they are safely aligned with the rear sprocket...adjust the carb and clutch and whatever else squirrely issue you run into till you finally get a reliable product and that's only if you are a decent mechanic!

I might suggest you put out your best bike along side the cheapest one with about $1000 price tag on it cause then they can compare and feel they are getting a bargain...also put a sign on the cheapest one of $400 OBO (or best offer) then let em bring you down on your real price of $300...throw in some carp like I'll tell ya what I'll let ya have that one for $300 cash right now just because I am short of cash....hope you will tell your friends...just make up any plausable good excuse that makes em feel like they are getting the better of you. Once they ride that china girl they'll know you gave em a great deal.

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