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Default Re: Is $300 too much for a MB?

I'm in the same predicament Hambro.I sold a nice 26" Huffy with a 66cc kit for $130 to some guy to put food on my table and of course for a little money in my pocket.The bike had absolutely no scratches,in great shape expect the rear wheel needing trued up..Let alone the time put into the build.Never again will I sell that cheap LOL

I live in a well populated city (118,000+) and there's only two maybe three people with MB's.I'd love to start building/selling but heck who would buy a motorized bicycle when their unheard of? I've had more than 50 people ask and take my # to "hook them up" with a MB,never got a call either

Hambro,Those are some nice builds you got there man.Defiantly up those prices much as you can!
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