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Default Re: Is $300 too much for a MB?

Well if you think that putting a motorized bicycle together for $60 to 65 bucks is reasonable, I am doing something very wrong.
You are going to loose 1-2 hrs. just in communication befor the job is done. Then installing the cheap rubber & sprocket, your going to tie up an hr.(that is if you don't have to open up the bore on the sprocket. Now you have to mount the motor, another Hr. if the tubes are right and things fit. Now we have the carb, cable, throttle another hr. to get it right. Clutch, cable and adjustment a weak hr. if all goes right. Now let' mount the coil, spark plug, wire the kill sw, ground the cdi another hour if it fires ok when you finish, if not more time. Did you gap that plug? Shorten the chain or even worse lenghten it! Then the famous chain tensioner, to get those right another one or mor hrs. Chain guard, does it fit?
You can nit pick some of the things and times I've stated but the potential of these being longer are much greater than shorter.
Perhaps I just put too much value on my time, but it's certinly worth more than that!
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